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A comprehensive assessment looks at a student’s cognitive ability, processing skills, and academic achievement skills.


  • Psycho-Educational Assessments: A psycho-educational assessment is a comprehensive assessment looking at a student’s cognitive ability, processing skills, and academic achievement skills. This assessment helps identify a child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. The process involves direct testing, observation of student, parent interview, teacher interview, and review of school records. The evaluation concludes with a summary on whether the student is eligible for special education services in accordance with IDEA eligibilities as well as a list of recommendations for school support.

  • Preschool Assessments: A preschool assessment is similar to a psycho-educational assessment with the main difference tailored to the approach used during an assessment for preschool-age children. Children are assessed through both standardized assessment and play-based approach to capture their true skills. The process entails natural observations, in-depth interviews with parents on early development, discussion with preschool service providers if the child is attending school or receiving therapy, and play-based assessments. The assessment will bring information on the child’s present development of cognitive skills, strengths, weaknesses, and discussion of IDEA eligibilities (ages 3 and up), as well as provide hands-on advice on interventions and recommendations, sometimes leading to the development of other plans (such as behavior intervention plans or incentive home/school plans to increase the skills we want to focus on).

  • Cognitive (IQ) Assessment: This service is available if you need to meet school entrance requirements for private school admission or you simply want to get more information on your child’s intellectual abilities.

  • Academic Achievement Test: This may be an interest of yours if you want to know how your child is doing academically when compared to students of the same age level nationwide. This information may help you tailor academic tutoring support to focus on areas of academic weaknesses and develop incremental measurable goals for academic achievement.

  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE’s): You may be interested in this service if you want a second opinion or impartial assessment from your child’s school district’s findings. The assessment will cover components of a psycho-educational evaluation with a comprehensive evaluation to further reveal the needs of the child to better develop intervention goals/plans and develop appropriate service in school. Contact Little Seed for further details.

School Observations

Get an idea of what your child is like in school.

  • School Observations: This service is available if you want to get an idea of what your child is like in school (in his/her natural learning environment). Sometimes parents have questions about their child’s behavior in class or want to know if the class interaction is conducive to learning or simply gain a better understanding of the teacher-student interactions. The observation would inform you about your child’s learning environment, communications in the classroom, on-task behaviors, and off-task behaviors. Observations provide helpful information in creating student support plans.

Counseling Support

Private counseling can complement your child’s whole development.

  • Counseling Support (Individuals and Groups): Ms. Lai has experience with a wide range of group counseling topics: grief group, school success, emotional regulation, study skills, social skills in school settings for the past 15+ years. She has also serviced individual clients on various topics (separation anxiety, depression, selective mutism, self-injurious behaviors, anxiety, interpersonal skills, social skills, executive functioning skills, ADHD management, and more).

  • Ms. Lai understands what school support looks like and how private counseling services can complement your child’s whole development to help bring strategies around social-emotional development back to school and benefit his/her educational progress.

Parent Support/IEP Consulting

We can support you in understanding the IEP process and help you envision a plan of support in school. 

  • Parent Workshop: We provide introductory IEP workshops to help new parents in the process with a better understanding of what the document entails and what you need to know in order to help build a sound individualized educational plan. 

  • Parent in School Meetings: We are familiar with the range of available services at school. We can provide assistance in reviewing your child’s current school support plans (e.g., IEP, 504 plans, or SST notes) to make effective recommendations for support in school. We are here to help you understand your rights in these processes and help interpret information for you so you can be your child's best advocate. 

Executive Functioning Skills Training

We can serve as a link between you and your child’s teacher in communicating and developing work plans.

  • Academic Guidance/Liaison: We can serve as a link between you and your child’s teacher in communicating about school assignments and developing work plans. We also work with individual children on developing his/her unique organizational system, review study skills, develop a homework tracking system that will help your child make academic progress.

  • Enhance Executive Functioning Skills: 8-12 sessions of small group session or individual sessions to target different components of executive functioning skills (e.g., initiation, sustained attention, flexibility, emotional regulation..etc)

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