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Private counseling can complement your child’s whole development.


A comprehensive assessment looks at a student’s cognitive ability, processing skills, and academic achievement skills.


Get an idea of what your child is like in school.


We can help advocate for your child’s needs in school meetings and support you in making informed decisions.


We can serve as a link between you and your child’s teacher in communicating and developing work plans.

Discover your child's strengths through assessments and school observations. See your child blossom through our educational coaching, advocacy and academic guidance.

Why Choose Little Seed?

When I choose professional services, I wonder if they are credible and have the experience needed that can help my child. Many assessment clinics don’t have practitioners that have walked the same road as us. The educational psychologist at Little Seed have spent years working in a variety types of classrooms, schools, and districts. Every district has its own culture and differ in how their services and programs are run. Because of our experience, we know how to give practical, hands-on recommendations that are likely to be implemented in the school.


One of the key features of an assessment process is to build an alliance with your school team and collaborate with them to get a clear picture of the child’s behavior in the classroom as well as value the child’s input. The other key feature is to be able to articulate and build programs within the school so interventions can continuously happen throughout the day since kids spend most of their time in school.


Little Seed values the impact that the right school support can have on an individual child. A child can receive extra tutoring, but it’s most important that your child gets that same level of rigor in their day-to-day learning at school. Hence, our practice will help you discover what support is needed in school. 

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