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Kindergarten Classroom

Cognitive Assessment
(IQ  Testing)

Cognitive Assessments or IQ  Tests are required by many private schools as part of their application process. Ms. Lai is an approved service provider for Nueva, Helios, and Harker. What does private school testing look like? 

Preschoolers (ages 2:6 to 7:7)  

Child/Adolescent (ages 6:0 to 16:11)


Adult (age 17:00+)

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV)​

 Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) 


Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults, Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)

What tests are given for different ages?




How long does it take? 


Cognitive (IQ) Assessment ranges from 1 to 2.5 hours long depending on age.

How can I ensure my child does his/her best for the test?


​​Ms. Lai has many years of experience working with young children (2.5 years old and up) and K-12th students and knows how to present the task as a non-stressful experience.

How It Works


    Book an appointment for testing



  Optional Meeting

15 minutes virtual meeting for parents to go over the results of the tests**

**Additional fee will incur



Once testing is completed, a report including behavioral observations and scores will be written up and submitted directly to the school of your choice/or to parents depending on school preference.*

*You will be asked to sign a consent form for the release of your child’s score report.

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