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Welcome to Little Seed!

We support families in navigating all of their child's successes--both educationally and social-emotionally. We focus on empowering children and youth so they can grow into confident and inquisitive individuals.


Our practice's core values are:

  • to work in a collaborative relationship with you

  • to provide you with resources and data to make informed decisions

  • to have a positive impact on your child​'s development and address his/her needs

We help parents like you by providing you with data and knowledge so you can make informed decisions regarding your child’s education. Parents come to us when they have questions or concerns like the following:

  • Why does my child take a longer time to finish work than his/her peers?

  • What to do to support my child with anxiety or depression in school?

  • When do I need to get my child evaluated for ADHD? I suspect my child has focus challenges. 

  • What is the difference between a 504 plan vs. an IEP plan?

  • How to navigate the school support system? what services are available?

  • What is special education in public schools?

  • Looking for support to better understand IEP paperwork and know what to advocate for a child.

  • My child gets easily angered when interacting with peers and has a hard time keeping hands to self. 

  • My child cannot get started on his/her assignments.

  • Does my child have dyslexia? Autism? ADHD? or other types of learning disability?

  • My child is going through grief for losing a loved one, what support can I provide?

  • My child has selective mutism, what to do to support him/her in school?

  • We are applying for a private school that requires a cognitive assessment, where do I go get assessed?

  • I would like my child to learn more about emotional regulation. Do you have a class for this?

  • I heard of zones of regulation, can you teach that?


Little seed consultants can help you with all of this! Schedule a free 20 minutes consultation now so we can partnership with you.  


“My daughter goes to a local elementary school and has been struggling with learning in school. Over time, she developed emotional challenges as well. When I felt the school system was failing her, I found Mrs. Lai’s help. She helped me navigate around the IEP process and helped explain school reports to me to understand my child’s strengths and weaknesses so I know how to advocate for support at these meetings.”

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